Helping Rebuild Dominica After Hurricane Maria


Dear Friends,

16 October 2020

So much can change in such a short time! The good news is that we have been
working hard to assist those who have so little in Dominica.

At the same time, we are devastated at the death this year of our friend and
colleague Dennis Kendrick, President of the Cardinal Kelvin Felix Foundation.
Dennis faithfully served as President of our Board for over 30 years. We are
deeply blessed and grateful for the gift of Dennis’ life.

We welcome our new board president, Jim Uick, who is a new gift from God.
Welcome Jim! Thank you!

Here are some of our accomplishments this year. We recognized the need for
clean water for the Dominican people as Hurricane Maria in 2017 destroyed so
many of the water systems on the island. People had to walk a great distance to
find clean water from nearby springs. First, the Bellevue Chopin Water System
was completed with the funds raised by our foundation. This system serves the
community of Bellevue Chopin as well as the Petite Savanne Community, with a
combined population of approximately 1,200 people.

Next, we raised funds to rebuild the Snug Water System, which serves the
communities of Point Michel, Loubiere, and Wall House, with a combined
population of approximately 3,200 people.

We’ve paid for and shipped a shipping container of clothing and living items that
was shipped to Dominica in January of 2020. We continue financially to support
Fr. Felix as he assists people with their basic needs for housing, food, medical
needs, and education. The 4 preschools that were destroyed by the hurricane
have been rebuilt and we continue to support the schools with student costs
(uniforms, teachers’ salaries, student transportation, school supples, school lunch,

We are forever grateful for your prayers and assistance as we accomplish our
mission in Dominica. May God keep you safe and at peace always.

In Jesus’ Spirit,

Dr. Emily R. John

+ Cardinal Kelvin E. Felix


The Cardinal Felix Foundation · 9500 West Bay Harbor Drive, 4A · Bay Harbor Islands, Florida 33154-2032